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Involved [Jun. 6th, 2005|01:54 am]
The Super Pi Girls of Valpo Alpha Delta Pi!


Does anyone else try to stay involved? I know there were some who tried to remain as involved as possible as the chapter went through rough times, but has anyone been involved as an alumna?

For my part I'm a member of the mid-cities alumnae group. I was very involved my first year while I had a principal who didn't care if I attended PTA. I was even a chapter officer (rec chair for Arlington...yeah, in the south you HAVE to have a rec to participate in recruitment). jesscubed got to help me fill out the damn things! Oh how lucky.

Aside from that I've given donations at times, but I'd like to find a way to become involved with a local chapter.

Anyone else?

[User Picture]From: kateshort
2005-06-06 05:34 pm (UTC)
I try to go to some of the Naperville Alumnae Association meetings. They're fun! :)
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[User Picture]From: birds_sing
2005-06-06 05:55 pm (UTC)
I don't have a local chapter, but we do have an alumnae association - I've gone to an event or two, and paid some dues to them. They're mostly a lot older than me, though. But, they're fun if I can get Stacey to come with me. :)

And soon, I'll try to con Aneela into coming as well! :D
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[User Picture]From: weathergirl_03
2005-06-06 06:48 pm (UTC)
hehe, Aneela will certainly think about it ;o) :o)
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[User Picture]From: birds_sing
2005-06-06 07:14 pm (UTC)
Fantastic. :)
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From: polarpi
2005-06-07 05:06 am (UTC)
I guess I've been lucky in that the collegiate chapters here in San Diego were needing alumnae support - I stepped up to be finance advisor at San Diego State this past year, and now that they've closed the chapter, I've been asked to work with the chapter at University of San Diego this next year. I've also slowly become more involved with the local alumnae association - there's still a wide age difference, but the leadership is mainly the "young alums". I was Founders' Day chairperson this year, and for the next year I've taken on the treasurer position, so I'm trying to stay active as much as I can.
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[User Picture]From: stacey3863
2005-06-09 02:56 am (UTC)
I would be more involved if I did not have to work two jobs. It is hard to do things when all of our alumnae group stuff is either weekends or the weeknights I work. Sorry julie not trying to let you down I am just really busy. It sucks when you need money.
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[User Picture]From: jesscubed
2005-06-09 03:32 am (UTC)


The intention is there, but the time is not. I haven't set aside time to do it. I think it would be fun to join but I don't think that the types of ADPi's in North Texas are my kind of Pi's. I might if I moved back to central Texas and didn't help out at Delta chapter. We'll see what happens in the future.
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[User Picture]From: jphilli1
2005-06-10 05:31 am (UTC)

Re: Involvement

I think it just depends on the group.

And even though the girls in mid-cities were VERY wealthy, they were all super nice as well.

I'm planning to check out the Dallas group this year. Wanna join me?
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