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I miss... [Jun. 9th, 2005|10:14 pm]
The Super Pi Girls of Valpo Alpha Delta Pi!
* Walking over to Scheele and popping my head in people's doorways
* Walking down the hall of Guild to talk to Jess when she lived over there
* Dressing up for formals (I have so many more options now! :D)
* Playing the hat game - I don't think anyone here understands it :p
* The nights we would turn on the radio in the CR and just dance and sing along
* Getting ready for recruitment (yeah, how odd is it to say that!)
* Driving around with Jess, Aneela, Shauna, and Deanna to go see the beer can silo and talking about Children of the Corn since we were afraid to stop for Shauna...
* Anytime runs to Walmart
* Lunch at Lank - that's even *weirder* for me to say!

Luckily, I've been able to sit in on a few chapter meetings recently, so I don't miss it *too* much...but I mainly miss the people - the crazy things we did together (playing Sardines around campus), the retreats, having a place to walk into and feel like everyone was really supportive of me and knew when I needed a good laugh, or just to sit quietly with someone who didn't have to fill the silence.

I miss the crazy cheers - especially when I hear them done differently out here, or they don't do ones we did ALL the time :)